Friday Night Music

Friday Night Music

Grant Webb Band - 7:30 PM - 9:45 PM    The Grant Webb Band aka "GWB" is an Idaho-based band that plays shows throughout the Northwest.  It was formed a few years ago by front man "Grant Webb" and members.  They are a great mixture of "Country" and they also are tied into the popular, growing "RedDirt" music scene.  When you see them perform live, you'll see that they have a strong "Southern Rock" and "Blues" influence along with some of the great fundamental "Country Twan" that started it all.  They currently are a three-piece band but will completely blow your mind with a great stage performance and the quick wit to play live that changes with every crowd.  You can catch them playing various concert houses, dance floors, private parties and weddings.  At just about every show you can catch the front man on some table or bar melting faces with some great guitar and harmonica leads.  Their main drive is to play great written music, put on one of the best live shows around and keep building a great fan base of all ages.  They strive to treat fans like friends and make everyone feel special at every show.  

You are going to find out what you have been missing at the Big Gnarly!

Simple Ruckus - 10:00 PM - 1:00 AM Simple Ruckus is a high-energy variety band covering fun dance music from every genre and decade. Jared South, front man and lead singer, brings a million megawatt smile and crowd-pleasing interaction to his power vocals. Todd Bilbo is the heartbeat of the band, literally--as drummer, sound technician and leader of the band, he keeps everyone synchronized and sounding their best. Ted McClurg puts the "fun" in funky with his groovy bass lines and upbeat showmanship. Lisa Bittick adds a special something extra, whether it's piano or synthesizer or fiddle or mandolin or harmonica--whatever touch a song needs to take it up just one more notch. Brett Wykert, lead guitar player, ties everything together and skillfully lays down the backbone of your favorite songs, playing all of the signature licks and solos that you will recognize and love. Together, the band brings professionalism and quality entertainment to every show. You won't want to miss the RUCKUS! Look for Simple Ruckus at www.simpleruckus.com or on Facebook.

Saturday Night Music

Saturday Night Music

Rodie & the Big Nasty Band - 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Rodie and her band kick-off Saturday night with Rock and Blues that will compel you to “shake what your Mama gave ya!” This gathering of ultra-talented musicians have come together for the sole purpose of entertainment at the "Big Gnarly Hillclimb." Your Big Nasty Band has prepared an eclectic mix that will take many down memory lane with music by Bob Seger, Jim Croce, The Doors, Tom Petty, Janis Joplin to Bonnie Rait, CCR, the Eagles and Melissa Ethridge (to name a few).

The band is fronted by singer/song-writer, Sara Rodeghiero (Rodie) on lead vocals, whose versatile voice has been heard in bands in Montana and Idaho ranging from jazz and blues to country and rock. Her absolute favorite song to sing is our National Anthem. You might have caught her leading crowds and honoring our great nation at the Firebird drags, a BSU sporting event, Hawks baseball game, or the Caldwell Night Rodeo?

The Big Nasty Band is made up of talented musicians who not only jam on their instrument of choice, but also put their vocal chops on display with tight harmonies. Several will take over on lead vocals throughout the evening. The band includes drums, keys, bass, rhythm guitar and lead guitar.

Guitar players are a dime a dozen. But the really good ones, those who live and breathe guitar and everything about it, who are comfortable playing pretty much any kind of music, with any calibre of musician, these players are mighty rare. Mike Schaller is one of them. He draws deeply from the well of his many influences, fusing them into his own special brew of fast runs, elegant fills, and some of the most melodic, soaring solos you’ll ever hear. Mike brings a very organic approach to the guitar. In this day of computer generated everything, he remains authentic and true to his craft. It’s all about heart, soul and fingers, playing through old school hand-wired tube amps, with little or no effects, or just kicking back on the porch, wringing orchestral bliss from a pawn shop acoustic guitar: Honest, real, and oh so tasty.
Dennis Achey has been playing guitar since high school and has contributed to the success of several area bands since coming to Idaho in 1978. Influenced by BB King, The Beatles, Zeppelin and Cream; he developed a love for electric blues. Dennis and Mike have played together for years and it doesn’t take them long to find the sweet spot on any song together!

Ken and Robbie Kolman are a rocking duo who have toured extensively and performed in groups locally and abroad for years. They love all types of music and enjoy the impact music makes on lives across the globe. Robbie is on keys tonight, but has a diverse skillset and can play just about anything you put in front of her. Although Ken is slapping the bass tonight, he is a masterful musician who has performed on horns and flutes to guitars and percussion.

Drummer for your Big Nasty Band is Matt Casey, who grew up in Oakland, Calif and took formal instructions from legendary drummer Jeff Camaptelli and Don DeLuze. He is a pocket groove style drummer, with influences from the bands Rush, Pink Floyd and Queensryche. Matt moved to Boise over 20 years ago, burnt out from the road life touring with various bands. He now enjoys playing for fun and the love of music. You may have seen him around in the local scene with Rat Race, Hung Jury or more recently Dont Ask. He is often called up as a cover band drummer for the bands Riff Raff and Straightaway. One of his favorite call ups was several years back with Pilot Error...one of his favorite bands to jam with.

You won't want to miss out on this special, one-of-a-kind, just for the Big Gnarly Hillclimb, musical lineup!

Dusty & the Claim Jumpers - 7:45 PM - 9:45 PM Dusty Leigh & The Claim Jumpers are the ultimate country and classic rock cover band experience! Hailing from Kuna, Idaho, the band has entertained from Coast to Coast since 2011, with crystal clear vocals, a classic country sound and unique harmonies. The Claim Jumpers offer an unbeatable versatility between country and classic rock music that will make you never want to leave the dance floor and have you singing along to your favorite songs for hours!



Dance & Rock Till Ya Drop!

Pilot Error - 9:45 PM - 1:00 AM If you’re looking for a big sound pushing an expertly crafted list of top rock & roll anthems, combined with a high energy live stage performance and a packed house – then your ticket is Pilot Error. The Pilot Error band emerged in Boise, Idaho back in 2006 as a 5-piece classic rock cover band and has since earned a reputation as one of the most popular and successful live music groups around the Treasure Valley.

What’s their show like? … Pilot Error compliments their Grade A musical performance with a very refreshing and authentic presence on stage that actively engages the attention and participation of the audience. This “over-the-top” stage interaction results in very large and energetic crowds and a forever packed dance floor.

How do they sound? … The Pilot Error live show sounds simply incredible. The band attributes their well rehearsed and outstanding sound to their professionally engineered audio and lighting systems.
Where do they play? … Indoors or outdoors, the band performs regularly in the most popular night club venues in and around the Treasure Valley including: the Reef, Tom Grainey’s, Humpin’ Hannah’s and Bad Irish. Pilot Error is also one of the most sought after live music acts in the region, playing at a wide variety of private events including Holiday parties, weddings and large corporate functions. Once you’ve experienced a Pilot Error show for yourself, you’ll immediately understand their popularity and constant year-round performance schedule!